About Kenis

About Kenis & history

The Kenis company is a family business founded in 1974 by Kenis Marcel.  His first activity began with construction work of trailers and trusses. A year later he sold his first tractor in partnership Zetor and Steyr. This was the start of great growth. Starting in 1977, he received the Ford dealership. This caused the business to expand and also brought Chris Kenis into the business. She took on the administrative duties.

By 1984, Marcel Kenis' hobby had grown so far out of control that he decided to start a contracting business.
With the contracting business also came more and more demand for the rental of machinery. So in 1986 the rental company became a fact. Until today we rent out about 50 machines.

In 1999, Tim Kenis joined the company and the company changed from Kenis Marcel to Kenis NV.
Around the same time, Kenis NV took over the barn equipment and pasture pumps from Ipsam NV. This was therefore the great start of our construction line Kenco.

Today, Kenco has grown to construct about 10 different products.
Due to the great growth of the mechanization business, we were eventually forced to quit the contracting business.
That same year we then did start selling and servicing New Holland harvesters.

Our company has continued to grow, we now count and 22 people as staff and the machinery has expanded to 15,000m² where you can still find some 350 machines.

In 2010, Kenis BVBA was started.
At first, we were based with this in Sint-Gillis-Waas. Meanwhile (2013) we have moved to Vrasene, Provinciale Baan 46b!

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