Agricultural tipper Type LK16

Standard design

Bin dimensions: 5500 (outw.) x 2400 (inw.) x 1400 (inw.)
Excluding tires and wheels
10-hole BPW axle stumps brakes 410 x 180
Hydraulic support leg
Tapered tray
Bin made entirely of high-grade wear-resistant steel
Hydraulic brakes on 4 wheels
See-through grid in the bin
Grain chute in the tailgate
Front and rear width lighting
Rotatable towing eye
Hose support on the drawbar
Spring loaded drawbar
Fenders bolted to the cargo box
Grease nipples main shaft central
Tipping cylinder mounted in cardanic suspension
Track width 1950mm
LED lighting


Paper COC (mandatory air brake option)
Stairs at the front of the bin
Sail rack on chassis
Sail rack on the tailgate
Platform at the front of the bin combined with stairs
Rubber spout at grain elevator
Operation of grain slide wider per side
Hardwood edge on the cargo box
Plastic protective tray on cargo box
Hydraulic drawbar suspension
Hand pump for trailing foot
Double-acting valve rear with three-way valve
Three-way valve for trailing foot
Air brakes
2 line braking system hydraulic + ALR
Air brakes + ALR
Air brakes combined with hydraulic (combi)
Hydraulically forced steering
Silage superstructure 800mm
Silage body 250mm
Work light in the front of the bin
1 x rear working light
Switch between body and chassis in combination with work light
Reverse buzzer
7-pin rear plug
Plastic tool box
Scharmüller K80
Scharmüller K50
Grease nipples brought in centrally
Sprayed in company color (max. 2 colors)
Wide spread axles, 1650mm
Automatic lubrication system
VGM cover system
Mechanical flip-up bumper instead of standard.
Hydraulically folding bumper instead of standard

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