Standard design

Heavy-duty chassis with tube reinforcement; 1000mm height steel plate 10mm; interchangeable wear-resistant blades; drawbar; hydraulic height adjustment; tires 15×22.5; lighting; color of your choice (RAL); CE approved.

Kenco 2000 (2.00m width)
Kenco 2250 (2.25m width)
Kenco 2500 (2.50m width)
Kenco 2750 (2.75m width)
Kenco 3000 (3.00m width)


Height adjustable tow bar from drawbar
Extendable drawbar
Mechanical side boards with wear-resistant blades
Hydraulic side boards with wear-resistant blades
3-point trestle with cylinders for track tracking
Tandem axle (incl. 4 tires 15 x 22.5)
Pendulum tandem frame
Tilt adjustment by cylinder on left rear wheel
Sliding adjustment by means of 2 separate cylinders (electric operation mandatory)
Tilt adjustment by 2 separate cylinders + cylinder on left rear wheel
Scrapers on wheels (per 2 pieces)
HARDOX knife 150×15 instead of 100×12
Provision for laser poles
Raised leaf edge
Electric operation standard
Electric controls provided for:
                    Laser construction, bevel setting
                    + additional function hydraulic doors
                    + additional function track tracking 3 buck
Road marking plates
Rear additional push blade + elevator
Sleeve tube for tripod
Surface-mounted laser with base station
Material tray
Laser control
Tires (instead of standard 15 x 22.5)
                    15 x 17, 2 pieces
                    435/50 x 22.5, 2 pieces
                    500/45 x 22.5, 2 pieces
                    550/60 x 22.5, 2 pieces


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