Trailer CLL19

Trailers are made according to European standards (paper COC) for fast traffic.

Standard design

Capacity: 19 tons total weight
Load capacity: 15 tons
Dimension: 4.80m + 1.20m long, 2.53m wide, loading floor height: 90cm, headboard
Tandem axle, fast traffic trailer GRANNING, 105km/h
Tires 235×17.5
Mechanical drive-up ramps
Air brakes + EBS
LED lighting + side lighting
Fixed drawbar
Parabolic suspension on axles
Choice of 4 colors: red, green, blue and black


Hydraulic rams + electro-hydraulic pump 24V
Hydraulic ramps without pump
Opening in floor for fixing post
Fixing post 50cm
Flat center piece in sloping back floor
Lowering in the loading floor + support flat floor
Flip toe ramps (1m longer)
Air suspended axles
Steered rear axle
Elevator axle (only with air suspension)
Extend trailer on flat floor 1m (max. 2m)
Flashing light
Widened driveway ramps
Extended drive-up ramps
D-ring in floor
D-ring in side
Hardwood floor
Wide plates + LED lighting
Hydraulic support foot
Width hydraulically adjustable ramps

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