vgm silage tipper-extra-options

Stairs at the front of the bin
Sail rack on chassis
Sail rack on the tailgate
Platform at the front of the body in combination with stairs
Rubber spout at grain elevator
Operation of grain slide wider per side
Hardwood edge on the cargo box
Hydraulic drawbar suspension
Hydraulic drag foot with hand pump
Rear double-acting valve with three-way valve between chassis and body
Hydraulic drag foot with three-way crane
Pneumatic brake control
Air brakes combined with hydraulic
Hydraulically forced steering (standard LK30)
Silage superstructure 800mm
Silage body 250mm
Work light in the front of the bucket (58R)
1 x rear working light
Switch between body and chassis in connection with rear working light
Reverse buzzer
Rear tracking plug
Plastic tool box
Scharmüller ball hitch K80
Scharmüller ball hitch K50
PVG preparation
Grease nipples of the stub axle center
Sprayed in company color (max. 2 colors)
Automatic lubrication system
VGM cover system
VBK cover system (only possible on SK18)
Pull-up shaft

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