Standard design

500mm height of push blade; wear-resistant interchangeable blade; drawbar; hydraulic height adjustment; 2 tires 20×12; WITHOUT lights.

Kenco 1000S (1,00m)
Kenco 1250S (1,25m)
Kenco 1500S (1,50m)
Kenco 1750S (1,75m)
Kenco 2000S (2,00m)


Sliding/removable drawbar
Mechanical side boards with wear-resistant blades
Hydraulic side boards with wear-resistant blades
Three-point buck with track tracking
Removable drawbar for three-point trestle
Independent oscillating blade
Tandem axle incl. 4 tires
Tilt adjustment by cylinder on left rear wheel
Tilt adjustment by means of separate cylinders on tandem axle
Provision for laser poles
Tires 26x12x12 peat (per 2 pieces)
Electric control
Laser construction


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